Municipal Elections 2022: Questions for Candidates

Monday, September 26, 2022

The Municipal Elections 2022 are upon us! Voting day is Monday, October 24th.

It is at the municipal level where decisions are made that impact local bylaws affecting our lives and our communities. These impacts include building height-limits and density in our neighbourhoods, how land is used, what gets demolished or refurbished for future use, and more.

We need strong policies and practices that support investment in heritage places to meet sustainable development goals, including affordable housing, while retaining the inherent economic, environmental, and cultural values of our existing buildings and neighbourhoods.

Questions for Candidates

We’ve prepared some sample questions that you can use at all-candidates meetings or when a candidate comes to your door.

  1. Will you champion the retention, repair, and re-use of older buildings?
  2. Will you champion and promote the support for community-developed design plans that limit building heights and density in order to avoid high-rise creep into low-rise neighbourhoods?
  3. Do you support protecting our built heritage, through designation under the Ontario Heritage Act?
  4. Do you support a Tax Increment Equivalent Grant for owners who invest in the preservation of designated heritage properties? The grant is equivalent to a portion of the increase in the municipal property taxes directly attributed to the restoration.
  5. How do you see yourself working with the municipality’s Built Heritage Sub-Committee to preserve and promote our historic buildings and neighbourhoods?

You can also reach out directly to candidates by emailing your questions. CLICK HERE for a list of candidates running for Mayor and City Council.